Three Reasons Why You Should Visit Joyful Dessert House in Hong Kong.

Joyful Dessert House is a chain of bespoke, trendy dessert spots that would easily slot into Shoreditch or Dalston, the “hipster” capitals of London.

This high-priced artsy dessert spot is high on presentation and boasts a Michelin recommendation which is impressive.

Can you can also spot the Michelin Man below?


Here are three reasons to check out Joyful Dessert House in Causeway Bay.


1. Mangoes!


Eating at Joyful Dessert House is a delight, however, come along with an empty stomach or friends and family, because the portions are huge.

A dessert like this will fill you up and you could probably substitute it for dinner.

In fact, why not eat this for dinner, live life on the wild side for once, you’re in Hong Kong dude.

Do it.

2. Bananas!

“More Strawberry! And Banana!”

I like bananas almost as much as mangoes, so this was a welcome addition, the waffles looked awesome too with all the sweet treacle stuff.

I think a welcome addition would be dairy free or gluten free options on the menu, that would be pretty nice.

Especially considering Hong Kong is getting pretty big on “free from” options with places like Mana.


3. Decor

“I’m like, a pineapple”

I like the exposed brickwork, the swinging pineapples and light decor.

However, I think the staff were a little downbeat.


Pineapple Swing

Maybe it was the graveyard shift as Joyful Dessert House opens until 2am, but because the place looks so nice, they should match the decor with a lively personality.

Something like this:

Who wannnttss ice cccrreeaammm!


There you go.



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