Three Reasons Why You Need To Visit PomPomPurin Cafe in Hong Kong

Set in the ultra sleek district of Causeway Bay, where the trendy kids come out at night to play (that rhymed, I still got it). Sandwiched in between a super expensive jewellery shop and a high-priced shoe store lies PomPomPurin Cafe.

If you’ve never heard of PomPomPurin, the short video below will get you up to speed. well actually, it doesn’t, but watch it anyway, it’s cute.

PomPomPurin is a fluffy Golden Retriever dog created by the same team who created Hello Kitty called Sanrio. This Japanese company is huge and PomPomPurin is one of their exports to the pricey Causeway Bay.

We think this is essential if you have minions or mini-me’s in tow, even if you want to go by yourself then why not, do it!

Here’s three on why!


1. The Food!


“Don’t eat me! Ok go on then…”

From burger buns with faces to vegetarian options with faces as well. Most of your food will have PomPomPurin’s face on it to remind you of your location. And surprisingly, the food is good!

However, the dessert menu is where the place the food goes ultra “kawaii”, check out this ice cream for example:

Get Stuck in!


2. It’s “Kawaii“!

Kawaii is Japanese for cute and this place has the cuteness oozing out of the seats, I mean look at the seats…


And look at my one of my daughters who is pretty cute (crazy) too. 🙂

Every corner is filled with creativity, colour and fluff.

Look at this sleepy time mural which nearly put me to sleep, I actually want this in my own bedroom.



3. The Theme Song…

“Look PomPomPurin! There’s the King!”

The only thing that may annoy you about PomoPomPurin Cafe is the theme tune. It is on a continous loop, constantly repeated. For whole two hours we were there, it repeated at least 43 times.

So for your listening and viewing pleasure, I’ve included a HD video with the song playing for one minute!




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